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I’d like to recommend a site which I heard about on Scott D. Southard’s blog. Scott’s an accomplished writer and published author. His blog is extremely well written and he freely passes on some of the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Scott was talking about editing one day, and was praising the editor he is currently working with. I decided to scoot over and take a quick peek (not that any of my work would ever need editing πŸ˜‰ ), and am really glad I did.

Rebecca T. Dickson is her name, and I’d highly recommend you take a look at her site. It’s named, coincidentally, rebeccatdickson.com.

She posts regularly, on subjects that affect just about every writer, somehow managing to be inspirational and enlightening at the same time. She’s also posted some examples of her editorial prowess, and I was impressed… very impressed.

Thanks for the tip, Scott. Believe me, if I ever think my work needs editing <snort>, her name will be the first to come to mind.