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I finished reading John W. Howell’s Eternal Road: The Final Stop months ago and finally got around to writing a review of it. My excuse is I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life. Anyway, here it is.


A Unique Story of the Afterlife

The plot in “Eternal Road: The Final Stop” hooked me from the very beginning. A view of life after death that I’d never considered was shown to me. It was stunning.

The main character, James Wainwright, begins a road trip in his 1966 Oldsmobile. When he comes across an attractive lady hitchhiker, he picks her up with a smile on his face. But then things get crazy. He learns that she is Samantha (Sam), a girl from his childhood that he had a definite thing for. He also learns that both he and Sam are dead!

This is the beginning of James’ journey in the Afterlife, with Sam as his guide. It is a journey filled with leaps in time to past historical events and a dark future where the entire human race is obliterated. Sam helps James do what’s right through all these events, even when Satan presents attractive wrongs.

I was engrossed through the whole story, and it got the gears turning in my mind as I contemplated James’ struggle to do the right thing, even in the Afterlife. The characters are strong and believable, even though this could be considered a fantasy tale. There is a strong spiritual side to the story that appealed to my heart.

This book is elegantly written. I strongly recommend it.


I really can’t say enough about how much I appreciated this book. Take a look and see what you think.

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