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I know you don’t all celebrate Christmas, but I do.

I won’t apologize for celebrating Christmas, and I don’t expect an apology from you for not doing so. It’s a big world, with a lot of different people in it.

I’ll be me, and you be you. I’m okay with that.


Over the years, the meaning of Christmas has changed for me, and I’ve built up a lot of memories of the holiday. I won’t bore you with all the stuff that goes round my head at this time of year, but I did want to share what Christmas has come to mean to me.

Lila Christmas 2012It’s about family.

We get together and open presents. My grandkids play with all their new toys while the grownups watch. Then we have a big meal. Later we play board games and people laugh from the heart. Everybody talks at once and the kids usually get into something they’re not supposed to.

I drink coffee and watch this delightful bedlam unfold, happy that I’ve got a family to celebrate Christmas with.