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The KDP Select option for my debut novel, The Valley Walker, expired yesterday. This means the book is now available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo Books.

Smashwords is still reviewing it for the Premium Catalogue, but when they finish it will be available as an iBook. I could have waited until it was in iBook form for this announcement, but I wanted to do it today.


You see, today would be my Mom’s birthday. She was named Carol because she was born so close to Christmas. I was never really a momma’s boy, but she had such an impact on my life that I did a post about her here.

It’s hard to say what Mom would have thought of all this… she was a complex woman… but I wanted to do it this way, and it’s done.

Happy birthday, Mom.

Oh yeah, there’s another reason I wanted to get this out. For anyone who happens to stumble on this post, The Valley Walker will be free until Christmas at Smashwords .

Just use this coupon number RE38Y. It’s not case-sensitive, they tell me, but you can just copy and paste it to make things easier.

Ho Ho Ho.

It’s coffee time.