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My novel, The Valley Walker, is again available as an EBook on Amazon. Yes, that’s the original cover (more or less). Click on it and you’ll go straight to the book.

I tried to get Amazon to email people who purchased it in the past, allowing them a free update. It seemed like a reasonable request, since there are so many changes in the book. But they wouldn’t do it, told me the changes didn’t have anything to do with quality issues.

Then, in a chat with one of their service people last night, I was told automatic updates WOULD be available. I’m pretty confused, and definitely don’t want anyone to pay for it twice.

SoI’m using the KDP Select option of offering it for free for five days, starting Monday.

Monday, September 16th through Friday, September 20th

That means it’s only available at Amazon right now, only in Kindle format, but there are free Kindle apps for just about everything. If the Kindle is not your thing and you need EPub format, let me know. If you have problems with the download, let me know.

I learned and grew and changed so much during all of this. Trying to incorporate the lessons I’ve learned and the changes in me, while letting the story maintain its identity was a struggle. I hope I’ve been successful.

I’m sure there are many who are wondering why this took so long, but I’m not very good at making excuses. I guess I’ll just go all Popeye on you.

Toot toot.