This story by Joni Caggiano touched me so deeply that I wanted share it.

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Snow had fallen for five days in a row, and we were no longer allowed outside. Yet, my hateful sisters, Ruth and Elizabeth, somehow obtained mom’s approval to drive to the deli right up the street. Mom gave them money for sandwiches and hot cocoa. They both stuck their tongues out at me as they walked out the door with their red cashmere coats and hats.

Later that day, I reflected on my tenth birthday party which had passed two days ago. No one had shown up, and mom had repeated herself hoarse, “Sarah, it is the weather. No one came because of the snow.” I found that odd as everyone lived within two streets of our home. It was also strange that mom hadn’t decorated our enormous house. Even my sisters were playing in the snow and getting dirty, which they rarely did. I had…

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