This account of Lieutenant Commander Jerry Pait’s thirty years in and around the U.S. Navy’s submarine fleet is available for pre-order in Kindle format for 99 cents.

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Since my dad was a naval aviator in World War II, I have been interested in all things Navy. I am therefore delighted to have as a guest Robert G. Williscroft, submariner and author of multiple series including The MacMcDowell Missions, The Oort Chronicles, and The Daedalus Files. Robert compiled and edited the true-life adventures of retired US Navy Lt. Commander Jerry Pait in his new book, Sŭbmarine-Ër.

So welcome Robert, who will give us some background on the book.

Thanks, John. So pleased to be here.

Let me begin with Jerry’s enlistment in the Navy. Jerry Pait enlisted on September 15, 1964, was assigned to Fleet Sonar School, volunteered for subs, and ended up on USS Entemedor (SS-340). After Advanced Sonar School, he was transferred as an STS-2 to USS Von Steuben (SSBN 632B) in the Philly yards right after her collision off Cadiz, Spain. I was a newly…

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