This story of an amazing young man raised my hopes for the human race.

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Today’s good news story comes from Boyd’s Land of 10,000 Stories. Here it is without edit.

A 15-year-old decided his town needed a veterans memorial. He raised $77,000 and built one

Dominique Claseman built Olivia, Minnesota a veterans memorial for his Eagle Scout project. He finished it before his 17th birthday.
Boyd Huppert

OLIVIA, Minn. — When a 15-year-old boy came to the Olivia City Council with plans to build his hometown a veterans memorial, Mayor Jon Hawkinson wondered if the lad had bitten off more than he could chew.

Yet, there was something about Dominique Claseman.

“He had architect drawings, he had the space picked out,” the mayor recalls.

And perhaps most importantly, “He knew there would be people in our community who would want to donate to something like this,” the mayor recalls.

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