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I just learned that Hien T. Nguyen posted a review of my first novel, The Valley Walker. Mr. Nguyen is the author of Village Teacher, a book I liked so much that I shared my review of it. He is also the author of The Siege of An Lα»™c, a book that is on my to read list, and one that I know will keep me mesmerized.

When I read Mr. Nguyen’s review, I was so happy that I had to share it. When someone as talented and experienced as Mr. Nguyen likes my work, it makes me proud. Five Stars!

Here it is:

T. W. Dittmer is a talented writer who, unlike many of today’s novelists, does not obey an editor’s dictates to produce a marketable novel that may sell well but will not be remembered by many.

Tim wrote The Valley Walker from a depth of experience that few have of the wars half a century ago in Laos and Viet Nam. His characters feel genuine, and he has woven a tale that skillfully blends Hmong mysticism, drug kingpins with US military and FBI characters. The reader is soon mesmerized and will eagerly keep tuning the pages to find out what happens in the end. I hope that one day a talented director like Clint Eastwood will discover The Valley Walker and use it to make a movie as memorable as this book is.

Thank you, Mr. Nguyen, for such a great review!