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On March 22, 1972, I left the U.S. Army. I enlisted in 1968, at 17 years of age. I was stationed in Kentucky, Texas, Hawaii, Vietnam and Germany.

This is me during Basic Training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I don’t know if they couldn’t find a hat to fit me or the guys handing them out had a good laugh.

Basic training picture

These pictures are of me in Vietnam. In the first one, I’m gearing up for a helicopter insertion. I was with a Mechanized Infantry unit of the 1st Infantry Division, stationed at Lai Khe. My unit didn’t spend much time at all at Lai Khe, but was out in the bush for weeks at a time.

Gearing up for insertion

In this one, I’m in the rear on stand down at Lai Khe. We went in for three-day stand downs four times while I was in the field. The final time was when 1st Infantry was sent back to the U.S.

On Stand Down

When 1st Infantry went back to the States, I didn’t go with them. I was transferred to Long Binh, a huge Army base east of Saigon. This picture is me at the 93rd Evacuation Hospital at Long Binh. I had to talk the lady into posing for the picture with me, but she did smile.

At 93rd Evac

While at Long Binh, I managed to get to Saigon a few times. This picture is me at a food stall just outside Saigon.

Food stand Saigon

I don’t have any pictures of me in Hawaii or Texas, or any pictures of me in uniform in Germany.

My time in the Army was okay. I actually liked it for quite a while, even reenlisted for Vietnam service. A lot of things changed, though, after Vietnam. When my enlistment was up, I was eager to get out.