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I just had to share this great review of my first book.

Bonnie Reads and Writes

Teri Altro is a no-nonsense Special Investigator whose whole life revolves around putting drug dealers behind bars.  The Valley Walker is a soldier who walked away from the Vietnam war, wandering aimlessly until he is taken in by a Hmong woman in Laos.  The meeting in a Michigan drugstore between Teri and the Valley Walker is otherworldly and begins a story that will keep you entranced.

Wow. This is an intriguing combination of crime/thriller, Hmong folklore/mysticism, and the devastation and trauma experienced by soldiers during the Vietnam war. It is so much more than a typical crime story. Hmong shamans, a former soldier with unbelievable abilities, and a mystical “dragon” are interwoven with flashbacks to the Vietnam war, as well as the fight against the drug lords in Asia and the U.S. This book is about battling back against the powerful, who use whoever and take whatever they want. Underneath…

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