I found this Friday Johnku-aka-Friyay good news post particularly refreshing and decided to share it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Today’s good news is about an endangered species in Scotland.

This story appeared on the Good News Network and is duplicated here in its entirety.

A man who found a tiny kitten buried in snow thought it was a lost cat—only to find it was one of the most endangered mammals in Europe.


32-year-old chef Pete MacNab was out for a walk in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park with his baby son and a friend.

They spotted a group of sheep circling something. As they drew closer, the animals scattered, revealing a tiny tabby kitten lying in the snow in rural Dava Way.


The feline was unable to get on its feet. It looked freezing and its coat was all matted with snow. Not wanting to leave the creature in difficulty, Pete’s friend, Piotr, carried it the three miles back to town. He noted its claws were like “miniature razors,”…

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