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I’m usually not one to post reviews of books I’ve read, because I just don’t feel I’m qualified. Occasionally, though, I come across a book that impresses me so much that I just have to say something. “The Horse Whisperers from Anaconda” by Allen E. Rizzi is one of those books. To me, this book was inspirational, a portrayal of the American spirit.

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My review:

This is a very well-written accounting of Mr. Rizzi’s heritage. I was hooked from the beginning of this captivating tale of the author’s family, their place in the development of America. These people were not oil or railroad magnates, but everyday Americans who faced life straight up. They did more than just cope with the ups and downs of existence, they did it successfully, and with honor.

The story takes us from Missouri to Montana, then finally to California and New York. It tells of two brothers facing the horrors of WWI, and eventually overcoming the burden of its memories and resuming their life in America. The two brothers are different in some aspects; one is a rugged outdoorsman, the other an accomplished artist. But they both carry the family traits that are a central theme of the book: 1. GRIT 2. PERSEVERANCE 3. INTELLIGENCE 4. ABILITY

Well done, Mr. Rizzi, well done.

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