Talented and accomplished author John Howell shares the thoughts of his rescued dogs every Thursday, and it’s always entertaining.

Fiction Favorites

“Whoa. Look at the stuff on the porch.”

“I know, Little One. You should see the stuff on the grass.”

“That’s a lot of leaves.”

“You’re not kidding. The boss better gets to work.”

“Look at the rocks. They are wet.”

“So’s the patio.”

“How much rain did we get?”

“Not much. I would say a half-inch. It was the wind that caused all the tree stuff to fall.”

“What are you looking at for heaven’s sake?”

“I’m not sure. It’s not moving, though.”

“What now?”

“I thought I saw something scurry under the lounge.”

“Before I run over there, it is a false alarm?”

“I’m afraid so. It was a leaf that turned over.”

“Well. I’m heading back in. Nothing is interesting out here.”

“You have to keep your eyes open. There are interesting things everywhere. Check out this stick.”

“Come on, Lucy. All this stuff is just normal.”

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