I always appreciate someone doing work like this. A talented author with a sense of humor doing it makes it extra special to me.

Fiction Favorites

Lucy and Twiggy

“What the heck is all this mess?”

“I don’t know, Little One, but I suspect the Boss has been watching a do-it-yourself video.”

“This trench is all filled with water. That can’t be right.”

“I would agree. Where is the Boss anyway?”

“I don’t know, but it looks like a lot of dirt that needs putting back.”

“I suspect the Boss dug that out of the trench.”

“Hey, Dad. What’s up with the skinny swimming hole?”

“That is a trench for the downspout extension, Twiggy. That black hose will be connected to carry the water away.”

“Why the extensions?”

“We are getting ready for some new turf, Twiggy. Artificial turf, so the nightmare of the lawn will be over.”

“OOOOkay, but I suspect something went awry here.”

“You are brilliant. After I dug the trench and before I could connect the hose, a downpour came and filled the trench with…

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