I recently came across the blog of Joni Caggiano, and wanted to share this poem, that I think is powerful.

Rum and Robots

Like a snake sheds his skin so go we, those of us who bravely venture on
Filled with heightened senses as vigilantly, we quietly roam till dawn.

Exposed our emotions on our shoulders perched like the raven black,
Hearing whispers, feeling stares, why we grow eyes high upon our back.

Lost amongst the others, those who gather, but wonder on without a face
Shivering, I cover myself up with pure thoughts of another softer place.

No longer shielded by the imaginary walls or blinds that shut us out
Can’t the others try and understand what our bruised inner-self is about?

Fears that one does not see and childlike memories that hide so deep
Ignoring innocent faces lost in a crowd, who notices when they weep?

Tissue, skin, clothing, nor dusk can hide or take away our veil of scars
For we dance for silence, protect our solace, as we hide…

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