The ending of Victoria Dougherty’s fairytale leaves me wondering, and I like to wonder about things. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


silhouette of women

Yes, truly, this is the end of our Cold fairytale-in-progress. Although like many, if not all fairytales, the end can signify a new beginning. That beginning might be assured – with the time-immortal words “And they lived happily ever after,” or it might be more ambiguous. What, we might wonder, happened to Hansel and Gretel after they escaped from the witch, who had planned to eat eat Hansel and keep Gretel as her personal slave? We know they returned home, even though their stepmother had abandoned them in the woods, leaving them at the mercy of hunger, the elements, and nefarious strangers. A famine in their region had made food scarce, and the evil stepmother hoped to convince her husband that his kids had gotten lost, thus leaving more food for her. Now there’s an evil fairytale villain for you!

In the end, Hansel and Gretel awaken in their beds…

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