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It was such a nice day today that I found myself staring off into the distance. There were many things that should be done, but I wasn’t doing them. I was just sitting there, dreaming.

That staring off and dreaming reminded me of a little ditty I wrote back in high school study hall. I was supposed to be studying, but I wasn’t. I was dreaming, like I was today, and I wrote down this little song.

Here it is.

Just Sittin’ Here


I’m just sittin’ here lookin’ at the big blue sky

I’m just sittin’ waitin’ for this hour to be by

I’m lost in my dream

Lost in my dream


I’m just sittin’ here watchin’ all the children play

I’m just sittin’ thinkin’ what a beautiful day

To be on my cloud

Be on my cloud


Lookin’ at the big bright sun up there in the sky

The world don’t seem to matter

Just let it pass me by

I won’t cry


I’m just sittin’ here lookin’ through a colored glass

So I’ll just see the good things as the world goes past

I’m lost in my dream

Lost in my dream


That’s it. Hope you liked it.

Dream on.