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It’s alive.

I’ve been working for a long time on this, but I finally got it done. My new book, Five-Toed Tigress, is now available as an eBook on Amazon. I could come up with a lot of excuses for it taking so long, but I won’t.

Here’s the blurb:

The Five-Toed Tigress stalks the night, gliding effortlessly through the canopied forests of Cambodia – the Tiger’s Dance Floor.

She is on patrol, her mission to protect the downtrodden from the power of the greedy. Her movements are so fluid and graceful that her prowl is a thing of beauty, a dance to the music of life and death.

The Tigress is a solitary hunter, and she dances alone on her mission. She gives herself wholeheartedly to her dance, but desires a dancing partner – a mate.

Here’s the cover:

Tigress Cover

A bit about it:

The original plan was for Tigress to be a completely different story line, with no connection to Valley Walker and no references to its characters. Well, it didn’t work out that way. Colonel Nguy, with his face carved of granite, popped up.

The Colonel happens to be one of my favorite characters from Valley Walker. He’s loosely based on a Chiêu Hồi I worked with while I was stationed in Vietnam, a man who taught me some things and I developed a healthy respect for. And once the Colonel was in the picture, it wasn’t long before Walker himself found his way into the story. So, anyway…

That’s the pitch.

If it strikes your fancy, take a look by clicking on the cover over there on the right.