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reading interrupted.

I recently asked my blogging friend, Roy McCarthy, if he would be willing to write a piece for my blog. I always love reading a new post from Roy. From the photographic essays he takes us on around his home of Jersey (the Channel Islands) to introducing us to novels and poetry, his writing so often reveals the intimacy and depth of our everyday lives.

This is just one of the reasons I’m looking forward to reading his latest book A West Cork Mystery, and why I was delighted when he accepted my offer to share a story about a reading experience he had.

Here it is:

Batterie Lothringen1 Batterie Lothringen

Before the forces of the Third Reich invaded and occupied the Channel Islands in June 1940 they had done their homework. Their aerial reconnaissance had helped them plan their defences. Noirmont, a rocky headland overlooking the southern approaches to Jersey and…

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