I’m very glad I read this, and think you should too.

Thank you, Ms. Dougherty.


coincidence storyI want to tell you a story.

It is one that may renew your faith in humanity and in the powers of healing. Or it might merely make you smile. But that’s enough, don’t you think? A heartfelt smile is certainly more enduring than all the holiday decorations that spring up overnight like tufts of dandelions this time of year.

I’ll start with a little back story.

There’s this woman I knew some years ago. I met her in Prague and her name is Cathy. Like me, she has a pretty extraordinary family history.

Cathy’s Czech grandfather invented the electric tram car and his name is all over Prague. I’m pretty sure he has streets named after him in every major city in the Czech Republic, as a matter of fact. Even a fountain. So, after democracy swept away the Iron Curtain a couple of decades ago, Cathy found herself…

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