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I’m not much of a nationalist. I don’t really look at a country and say the people living there are this or that or the other. I have always, however, considered Canada, as a country, a good neighbor to the country I call home.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Canadians, over the years. They weren’t all the same. They had different ethnic backgrounds, and held differing opinions on subjects that came up in conversation. We managed to get along, even become friends… maybe because, like the country they lived in, they were good neighbors in the workplace.

Many of my friends and neighbors are in pain right now. They’re shocked, confused and angry. Anger is natural, I know, but I hope the anger doesn’t turn into a festering hatred that eats holes in their hearts.

I’d like to be able to say something that would help my friends and neighbors, but I’m not much on wisdom. All I can say is this: There are many of us here in America who consider you good friends and neighbors, and our hearts are with you.

We’re here.