Big Jim Wright tells a story of his growing up years, and gives a pointer to another great story of childhood memories.


I was recently inspired by my great friend, Caz Greenham’s blog post, Growing up in the fifties… Really, you should read her memories. Go here and read hers first, I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that a nice post? Now you’re back I’ll tell you that my growing up days were eerily similar to Caz’s. Thousands of miles and a year or two apart, yet quite alike.

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Summers, out of school, and free, free, free! I think I’ve told you I had three brothers and a sister. I, and my brothers Tony and Michael, were all born a year(ish) apart so naturally we were thick as thieves and always up to some mischief. Honestly, I don’t know how Mother survived. We were up at the “crap of dawn” to bolt down something for breakfast and then out the back door like a shot!

There were caves to explore, trees to…

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