It’s been over a year since I started editing The Valley Walker. I contacted Rebecca Dickson for some professional help, and she was kind enough to agree.

I learned so much from Becky that my head is still spinning. She asked a lot of questions, many I had no answer for. The editing turned into a major rewrite, a gargantuan task for me. Probably uncomfortably close to torture for Beckster.

I’m not always open and forthright, and can be pretty damn stubborn about things. Becky managed to keep a positive attitude through the entire process. She poked and prodded and pushed, never being negative or demeaning. We didn’t agree about everything, never will.

Yesterday I converted what I had and loaded it on my Kindle. It’ll never be perfect. It’ll never please everyone.Β But it’s definitely a better book, and I’m almost pleased with how it turned out. Some of the changes came from Becky’s suggestions. Some of them didn’t.

I guess the bottom line is this: Reading what the book has grown into andΒ thinking how far it’s come… It was worth it. Totally worth it.

Right now I’m working on a print version, debating fonts and type sizes with myself. The arguments can get pretty heated.