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Painting With Light

Word-of-Mouth Publicity: The Best Kind

Libraries Are Excellent Publicity Resources
I don’t imagine I’m much different from other indie authors … always on the lookout for publicity opportunities. If we hope to sell our books, we have to be.

There’s so much media competition out there for a readers time these days an independent author really needs to be vigilant in the search for ideas that will generate a lot of good word-of-mouth comments.

We do it constantly. At least I do. Just ask my long-suffering bride.

That’s why indie authors shouldn’t overlook that book-publicity heaven in their own neighborhood: the local library.

It may seem counter-intuitive to think about lending your book when what you’re really trying to do is sell it, but in the beginning it’s the publicity you’re after. Your book needs to be noticed and talked about before people will want to buy it.

Unless, of…

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