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For any of my friends that are seeking representation in this crazy world… Charles Henry Editing posted links to 5 agents that are seeking clients.



Here are five literary agents currently looking to sign new writers (and where you can find more).
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WDJanuary 18, 2013

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5 Agents Seeking New Clients

When trying to get your manuscript published, it’s often beneficial to have an agent on your side. Agents not only have connections within the publishing industry but they also read hundreds of proposals a year, giving them better perspective of what will sell and what won’t. They often offer suggestions and advice on how to get your manuscript into publishable shape (whether that’s change a character, introduce an additional storyline, or start the story in a different spot, etc.).

One of the best resources for finding an agent is the Guide to Literary Agents, which is the bible for finding representation-heck, it 

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