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The Yellow Birds CoverThe Yellow Birds

by Kevin Powers

This is the story of one man’s combat tour in the town of Al Tafar, Nineveh Province, Iraq.

The author is a veteran with combat experience, and you can see that in his writing. With his descriptions of a war-torn country and its people, Mr. Powers puts you right there.

Dust gets in your eyes and your ears ring. The imagery is done so well, in fact, that the stink of protracted conflict is almost enough to make you gag.

Where he truly shines, however, is in his account of a soldier trying to keep it together and, again, you can see that the author is a man who’s been there. He reveals things that most combat veterans will never tell you.

The novel has been touted as “a book every American should read”. My own viewpoint of what the American public wants to know is jaded (cue up Jack Nicholson here), so I don’t know if I’d say that.

But if you think you want to hear what it’s like to be in combat… if you think you want to know what it’s like coming back… give it a try.

This book is as close to the truth as you’ll get.