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 Free at Amazon
            Saturday and Sunday

M. S. Fowle is a talented writer who’s offering her entire First Series free on Amazon this weekend.

The entire series folks! All four of them!

Ms. Fowle writes horror about vampires and chimeras and such, but it’s not the usual fare. She’s put her own mark on the genre. If you’re looking for something in the vampire vein (get it?) that’s different from the usual “Twilight” book, it’s a safe bet that you’ll enjoy her work.

As I said earlier, she’s talented. I mean to tell ya, the lady can write, and as a result of that ability all of her books are highly rated by readers that have posted reviews.

Go ahead and click on the picture. Take a look and see what you think.

See? I told you! Well written horror with great reviews, and the whole series is free! But wait just a minute, ’cause that’s not all!

Not only can the lady write, she’s also a talented artist and developing poet. You can find out more about that by taking a look at her blog. I bet you’ll end up following it.

Her blog —->>>> http://msfowle.wordpress.com/

Okay, I have to jump off the tracks now. You folks have a good weekend, with some chilling vampire books that you got for free.

You can thank me Monday.