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I stopped by M. S. Fowle’s blog this morning and found out she’s giving away all four books of her First Series on Amazon this Saturday and Sunday.


At first I just shook my head and mumbled. Then I started getting worried. Could this happen to me? I’d only been at her blog long enough to give it a quick “Like” before I ran like hell.

I dug out the magic chicken bones and tossed them, scattered them on the kilt of my long dead Scottish grandfather. Tossed them again. Chanted an old Piker’s Prayer that grandfather taught me before his skin actually turned to flint and he passed over to the Great Peat Bog.

I gave it a valiant effort, folks, but the power of the Great Zon is impossible to fight. A strange feeling started coming over me, and no matter how hard I fought it, the feeling grew stronger and stronger.


I hope you don’t think too poorly of me, but I just couldn’t help it. I will be offering The Valley Walker for free this Thursday and Friday.

Mark it on your calenders.

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