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I recently had an email discussion with Stan Mitchell, a writer whose blog I follow. To make a short story as long as possible, Stan told me that he didn’t know that my novel was already published.

That was an eye-opener for me, and some changes in my blog are coming because of it. I’ve changed the Home Page and the About Me page and started organizing the posts into categories. Any of you that have “liked” the old pages can change your mind if you don’t like the changes.

I’ve also been thinking seriously about making the blog my own domain, to keep ads from showing up on the posts and gain some flexibility with fonts and colors. Maggie Smith , another writer I follow, has done that and I really like the changes she’s made. She does all her own work on her blog, and does a really nice job.

Thanks, Stan, for bringing the situation to my attention.

Thanks, Maggie, for being good at what you do.

As always, any thoughts or suggestions you have are greatly appreciated… but you know me.