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I started this blog a short while ago because some people told me that it’s what I ought to do. It’s been a learning process for a plodder like myself, and there are a few people whose blogs I follow that I wanted to mention.

This isn’t a blog award, no questions have to be answered, and it doesn’t have to be passed on. I just wanted to say thanks for setting such a fine example of how real people should behave.

M. S. Fowle writes speculative fiction. Her blog describes her own self-publishing experience and, if you pay attention, you can pick up some pretty good pointers there. Her books are available at Amazon.

I’ve watched Ron Herron’s blog, Painting With Light, for a while. It’s tastefully done, and he’s made some significant changes that give it even more class. Ron’s a talented writer. His novel, “Reichold Street” is one of the finalists for the 2012 Readers Favorite Award.

Myndi Schafer is working on her first book, SHRILUGH. Myndi’s blog, Blogging Barefoot, is almost always a hoot. She also comes up with some really useful information about everyday stuff, like cleaning up and deodorizing toilets. But I never pay any attention to that. Honest.

Ciara Ballintyne’s blog, Somebody Has To Say It, is so full of information on the writing craft that it’s more than a mere mortal can absorb. Take a look anyway, and soak up what you can. Ciara is the undisputed Queen of Pedantry.

Zeinab Alayan’s blog, Zen Scribbles, is almost always fun and often makes me hungry. She’s a real chocoholic that, for mysterious reasons, is not overly fond of Haagen Dazs ice cream. Her book, Puppet Parade, is available on Amazon.

I’ve started following Erik Gustafson’s blog, Apparitions of Terror, lately. Erik’s a stand-up guy trying to do some good in the world. His novel, Fall Leaves And The Black Dragon, is available on Amazon.

Elroy Jones writes about life in a way that sometimes gets me all teary-eyed, many times makes me smile, but always makes me think. She’s good people.

Others that make me ponder about life are Maggie Madly Writing, Life In The Dash Lane and bodhisattvaintraining. If you smell something really raunchy burning, I’m probably reading one of those blogs… scratching my head and trying to figure out what I think.

I could go on for quite a while, but I won’t. If I didn’t mention you, don’t be too pissed. It’s probably just a brain fart, or maybe a bad sector in my hard drive. Anyway… thanks to all of these people who have given a part of themselves.

I hear you. I’m listening.

Right now, I want another cup of coffee.