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The Valley Walker is up on Amazon and available for Kindle, and I’ve been reading about the other ereaders, wondering about the availability and usability, etc. This took me to Smashwords, although not straight there.

No journey is ever a straight line for me.

Anyway, I checked into Smashwords and it sounded pretty good… at first. It turned out to be another set of hoops to jump through so their program (Meatgrinder… you have to LOVE that) that does the conversion to ereader format would work without errors. They have a book you can download and study to make sure it’s ready… just like the Amazon KDP program has a book you can download and study.

That made me think, which is always dangerous.

I went to Barnes & Noble to check out what it takes to publish on their site. After a bit of stumbling around there, I came across their book… a book that you can download and study to make sure your document meets all the proper standards for the Nook.


The plot thickens.

Pinch number two. Or is it three?

Oh yeah, I’m having fun.