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It took some doin’, but it got done.

The last time I posted anything, I was working on getting the book into the correct format for a Kindle Reader so I could publish it on Amazon. At the same time, I was working on some kind of cover design, opening an account at Amazon to upload the file to and learning everything I could about the process.

This blog was, perhaps, the smartest thing I did in all this. A lot of people were kind enough to give helpful comments and try to point me in the right direction. The key word there is “try”, because a stubborn guy like myself will listen to what everybody has to say, check it out, then go ahead like they didn’t say a word.

But it did get done, and it looks like the world’s not any worse for it. Yeah, I know… the day’s still young.

Thanks to all the people who gave me good advice. I didn’t completely ignore it, but I’m pretty bull-headed.