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Well, I’m still working at it.

I finally found some software that does a pretty good job of formatting the book for a Kindle… Calibre. It was easy to download and install, and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is intuitive enough that even I can do it.

When I finally went this way, I started doing trial builds to see how it went. The only thing I wasn’t totally pleased with was that the table of contents doesn’t seem to be reliable and text that I want centered on the page doesn’t end up that way. I’m still playing with it to try to overcome those problems.

Meanwhile, I’m still dinkin’ around with the book, changing section names and locations, and generally peein’ away time. Pickin’ at lint on the rug. I was up until three, and back up at six this morning. Gettin’ a little psyched.

Right now, it’s coffee time.